117-000217 - Investigations - 122-000310 - Security
Illinois State Enforcement/B.P.I. is a professional and unique security consulting service agency. We differ from most agencies in that we offer a broad spectrum of services.

Investigations encompasses:
*The habits, conduct, movements or character of any person, firm or corporation.

*The credibilty of witnesses or other persons

*The location or recovery of lost or stolen property.

*The causes, origin or responsibilty for fires, accidents or injuries to real or personal property.

*The truth or falsity of any statement or representation.

*Securing evidence to be used before authorized investigating committees, boards of award or arbitration or in the trial and civil or criminal cases.

*Armed Security Services

*Patrol Services

*Protection for persons or property

*Executive protection

*Theft prevention or unlawful taking of goods, wares and merchandise, money, bonds, stocks, choses in action, notes or other valuable documents and papers.

Areas of Expertise:
*Perspective acquisition evaluation for business
*Undercover agents
*Evidence technicians
*Expert testimonal witnesses for court
*Background checks
*Civil rights violations
*Workmen's compensation claims
*Attorney referral for Civil and Criminal Cases

Investigation Work Includes:

* Drugs
* Missing Persons
* Death
* Malpractice
* Accidents of all types
* Bombing and Arson
* Subpoena Services
* Security for Schools - Public/Private
* Security for Local, County and State Municipalities

Business Protection, Inc. offers a full line of security and investigative services to fit your needs.